Answers to Common Filer Questions

Here are questions filers often ask. Select the question to display the answer.


What is the maximum file size allowed for an individual filing?


What document file formats are accepted?


What's the filing deadline for the court I'm filing in?


Can I cancel a filing that was submitted in error?


Can I eFile in all courts?


How do I contact the court?


Can I file on another's behalf?


What's a Favorite case?


When are charges made to my credit card?


If payment is not accepted or my credit card is declined, do I need to file my documents again?


If I mistakenly paid a filing fee or paid the fee twice, how do I get a refund?


Can I use eService without filing a document with the court?


Do I have to generate a Proof of Service if I use eServicing?


How do I mark my documents as Sealed/Confidential/Priority?


What's a connected document?


What's a merged document?