Training Videos

We‘ve developed a series of training videos that take you step by step through TrueFiling functionality. These videos are narrated, and each operation is detailed.


Simply select the video you want to view and then click the arrow to launch it. The video may take a moment to load.


Sign Up for TrueFiling


TrueFiling User Roles


Manage your Connection Network


Manage your Notification Settings


Manage your Payment Accounts


Search for your Case


Case Contacts


File to an Existing Case


Request a Fee Waiver


Access your Network's Filing History


Download Documents Related to your Submitted Filings


Access your Payment History




You may need to scroll down the page to access the video player controls (Play, Pause, Stop).

YouTube Settings Icon

If you need to adjust the video quality, select the Settings icon in the video player control pane, select Quality, and then select the appropriate setting.